The Beauty Myth Exhibition in Milan 15-28 May 2019
This is Giulia Baita topic presentation.

This exhibition aims to reflect on the myth of beauty in our age through the eyes of mobile artists. 
Mobile artists are artists who get images of art through their phone or their iPad. This new form of Contemporary Art is called Mobile Art. It spreads through social media and photography sites and comes from the photography edited with apps on the phone. 
The beauty myth is an interesting theme because it allows us to express the sense of beauty in our age through unusual means for an artistic product, that is an iPhone or a smartphone in general.
Beauty represents an idea, a goal for some, a goal, a reality. The beauty myth has fascinated us since ancient times, when a war broke out because of the most beautiful woman in the world. Narcissus, in fact, in love with his own image reflected in a pool of water, died trying to grasp it.
Today the myth of beauty has become a source of frustration for those women who do not know how to value their bodies or do not adhere to those canons that the publicity transmits to us. A series of problems and a lack of self-acceptance resulted.
Yet beauty has an essential intrinsic value. Beauty, in the most general sense of the term, is beauty of soul, it is seeing everything with a childish eye and being amazed at things. The myth of beauty generates curiosity and the desire to look at the world with new eyes. Beauty is that Energy that each of us possesses and that awaits only the way to come out to generate new Energy. And this is Life.